First Love

Submitted in by smiling_delight

I still remember the first time when I confessed my feelings to him, I didn’t know where or when I gathered up my courage. I guess I would have to give thanks to my friends and two older brothers who rooted for me. I waited for him to answered me for two nights and three days. He said yes and I was so happy. My world was like heaven and my cheeks hurt so much from all the smiles. I couldn’t even contained my happiness and made is so obvious to my brothers and mom. My friends and family were also happy from the news. However, my brothers did warn me, “always expect for the unexpected.”

We dated for almost a year and half and were happy. He was always by my side when I was feeling down and would always comfort me. Throughout my high school years, my parents were going through divorce and I was just getting a lot of stress from family problems. I felt like my parents weren’t really there for me when I needed them the most; however, my two brothers, friends, and boyfriends were there for me. However, after few months of when we first started to date, I notice that I can never contact him after school. He would never responds to  my calls or text messages. Of course, I didn’t find that suspicious I just assume that he’s busy with work and homework. He would, though weeks later, text back or call back. So, all was good throughout the months we spent together. However, one day he called me and said that he wanted to go see a movie. Therefore, we went.

We decided to go see Kungfu Panda. As soon as we entered the theater he wanted to show me a picture of his newborn niece. Just as I was looking at the picture, his phone rang and I saw a girl’s name. The girl used to go to our school and she a was popular girl. In fact, she was probably the most popular one out of our class. And she did won the school pageant like two times before she moved. Anyway, I act like I never saw anything and coolly handed him his phone. So, he picked up the call and I heard him said, “Oh, I’m busy tonight but we can go together the day after tomorrow.” Since, the movie hadn’t started yet (due technical difficulties) I walked out of the room for some air. Plus, I didn’t really want to hear the conversation.

Anyway later that night, I got on Face Book and talked to one of my friends. I told her what happened and she responded to me saying “don’t think too much about it.” So, I didn’t. A few weeks later my friend (same one I talked with) and I decided to go hang out to the mall. Eventually, I saw him at the mall with her in the same store. Everything was like fate set this whole thing up. Anyhow, I ended up getting in line with my friend so she can pay for her earrings. They were like five spots ahead of us, but he didn’t see me. When they got to the cashier I heard the cashier said, “It’s been two years now, eh?” He (my boyfriend) responded coolly, “Yeah. I decided to actually bring her here myself so that she can pick out what she wants.” After paying, the cashier told them “Well have a nice day and happy anniversary.” I was so surprised by that and couldn’t continue with the shopping. So, we left after paying.

I didn’t want to go home, so I called home and told my brothers that I’ll be staying over at my friend’s house. That night tears were streaming out of my eyes. I cried nonstop and for the first time I told my friend, “hold me tight.” She was worried about me that she ended up calling the rest our friends. So that night we all slept over at her house. A few weeks later I decided to broke up with him. He didn’t tried to hold me back and I didn’t expect it either. The thing was that I wasn’t ready to let go. After, spending some time with him I totally became dependent on him because he was always by my side.

However, I later was able to finally let go. I realized that I shouldn’t waste my tears for a person like him, although, at the same time I’m thankful that I’ve met him. I became a stronger and more independent person. In addition, with my friends’ and brothers’ support I was able to lead a beautiful life.


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